Martin Silence

Martin Silence
Artist Name
Ozik / Martin Silence
Born Date
July 7, 1982
Birth Place
Pop, Dance, Hip Hop, Instrumental

Martin Silence  Biography

Martin Silence, real name Marcin Cichoń born on July 7, 1982, in Poland, is a entrepreneur, writer, music producer, and artist known for his diverse range of music styles, including pop, EDM, and enchanting instrumental compositions.

At the age of 24, Martin was invited to a studio in Koblenz, Germany, where he honed his skills by creating melodies for renowned artists.

In 2009, he achieved a gold record for his contributions to Jacek Stachurski’s album, featuring his two music productions and compositions, namely “Zostań i bądź” and “Nieodwracalnie.”

In 2011, he wrote and released the track “Me And You,” which gained popularity in Eastern and Baltic countries, reaching millions of listeners.

In August 2012, Martin collaborated with Dhany, the vocalist from Benassi Bros., known for hits like “Hit My Heart” and “Every Single Day.” Together, they released the joint single “Live And Take Control” the following month.

From 2007 to 2014, Martin created music for the group Long & Junior, leaving a notable mark on their sound.

His track “Oh Mama Shake that Booty” received support from major Zumba dance schools worldwide and amassed millions of streams on streaming platforms.

In 2016, he received a diamond record for his production on the track “Spiżowi Mocni – Na Pełnym,” also known as “Katowice Nocą.” The song gained popularity in Poland and beyond, accumulating 130 million views on YouTube as of 2023.

In the same year, Martin composed and produced 12 songs for DJ Martino’s album “Sonidos Del Alma.” One of the tracks, “Nothing Can Stop Me,” achieved gold record status.

In 2014, he composed and served as the music producer for Sabine Kors’ album “If Life Is a Game,” showcasing his collaboration with the New York-based artist.

His EDM-infused single “La La La,” released in 2021, gained popularity in Italy and worldwide, amassing over 3 million views on YouTube.
A year later, he released the newest version of the track “Me And You.”

In 2022, he collaborated with a Ukrainian vocalist Yelyzaveta, to write and perform the song “Never Again,” expressing their experiences and hopes for an end to the war in Ukraine and peace worldwide.

In 2023, Martin composed and produced an instrumental track for a game called “Pirates of the Arrland.” He also released the track “Computer Love,” aiming to bring joy, love, hope, and strength to listeners.

Throughout his career, Martin Silence has collaborated with artists such as Dhany (Benassi Bros.), Shaun Baker, Patrick Moreno, Martino, Sabine Kors, Komodo, Long&Junior, Hazel, Mateusz Mijal, Lunar, and many others, demonstrating his versatility and talent as a writer, music producer, and artist.

Selected works:

Martin Silence – La La La
Martin Silence – Never Again
Martin Silence – Computer Love
Martin Silence – Me And You
Martin Silence – Young Love
Eseles – Nomada
Martin Silence – Pirates of the Arrland: Captain’s Code
Ozik – Dopamina
Martin Silence – We were younger
Spiżowi Mocni – Na Pełnym
Ozik – Nic na stałe
Komodo – Miami Dejavu
Martino – Tuscany
Martin Silence feat. Lunar – My World
Sabine Kors – If life is a game
Sabine Kors – Hurricane
Sabine Kors – Forget about you
Sabine Kors – Panorama
Sabine Kors – Your heart is a stone
Sabine Kors – I am here
Sabine Kors – Magic of love
Sabine Kors – Angel’s Wings
Sabine Kors – Escape
Sabine Kors – Cigarette
MeGustar feat SONiC – Deszcz
Ozi feat. Lunar – Superman
Grubas – Na Bogato
Ozi – Jump
Martin Silence feat Lunar – Oh mama shake that booty
Martin Silence feat Dhany – Live and take control
Ozi – Rock it
Hazel feat Lunar – Give me the stars
Stachursky – Zostań i bądź
Stachursky – Nieodwracalnie
Danny Morton – My Soul
Ozi – Superman
Shaun Baker – Love music
Hazel – I love Poland
Mateusz Mijal – To jest tylko sen
Martin Silence feat Kika – Me and you
Ozi – Juicy Pen
Yanou ft. Mark Daviz – A Girl Like You
Manian ft. Aila – Heaven
Yanou – Sun Is Shining
Lowrider – Cool

Album “Martino”
Martino – Intro
Martino – Boomerang love
Martino – Back to roots
Martino – Colors of Martino
Martino – Let the music play
Martino – Keep the path
Martino – La musica
Martino – Smart brain

Album Martino “Sonidos del Alma”
Martino – Sonidos del alma
Martino – My soul is a DJ
Martino – Padre
Martino – Leave the past
Martino – Nothing can stop me
Martino – Taste of paradise
Martino – Never too late
Martino – Hot blooded Man
Martino – Winnin
Martino – Prawdziwy ten

Long & Junior – Taka Jesteś
Long & Junior – Poznaj siebie
Long & Junior – Powiedz jak to jest
Long & Junior – Kocham Cię
Long & Junior – Uśmiechnij się
Long & Junior – Kogoś trzeba mieć
Long & Junior – Marzenia
Long & Junior – Tylko Ty
Long & Junior – Moja szkoła
Long & Junior – Polskie party
Long & Junior – Pierwszy raz
Long & Junior – Dziękujemy
Long & Junior – Balujemy